Contemporary Batik Fabric for You

Modern Batik Fabric for Your Creative Inspiration

Modern Batik Fabric for Your Creative InspirationModern batik fabric is a distinctive character from Indonesia that until now remained popular. Batik cloth is not only loved by old people, but young people also like this type of clothing. Of course, with a touch of modern innovation and in mix and match as to get a model of batik clothes that are not the market and remain trendy if used by young people. The influence of modernization not only affects human routines, but also influences the culture. Batik cloth that once thick with grips of motive, now comes with “freestyle”! Contemporary batik fabric is popping up everywhere. The batik craftsmen try to make batik more acceptable in the wider community by creating new types. Some create a completely new type. These are some of the best batik labels in the world. Both are batik designers from Yogyakarta.

First, let’s meet with Beda Beda Batik. This is one of the batik labels that created modern batik fabric is Beda Beda batik by Chaliet Bambang. The designer is Chaliet Bambang who has known batik since his parent’s batik. Because every day see his parents make classic batik, Chaliet become saturated with such batik. This woman was also inspired to create and develop different and innovative batik. Through the label Beda Beda batik, Chaliet combines the classical types that already exist with the types creations that become a new design. Each design is only made one sheet with the exclusive motive placement so that each unique batik. Batik is made with silk material “Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin / ATBM” (No Weaving Equipment Machine) and the motive is made with batik technique in general. The beautiful design makes this contemporary batik look so beautiful. Initially Chaliet got a disagreement from the classic batik lovers, but he advanced so that his batik has now been popular to foreign countries; France, Italy, to Japan. Batik made Chaliet is considered not to have the impression of weight and official so that it fits with the tastes of overseas consumers.

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Second, there is Gee Batik. This batik comes with different modern batik fabric. The combination of various types of batik types of flora and fauna, Italian-style abstract paintings to Yogyakarta classical batik types such as Kawung, parang or Ceplok. Batik-batik is made with cotton, silk and ATBM with batik technique. This batik impression is very aggressive, bold and so abstract. Some even very abstract so it is not like batik anymore. The impression of relaxed but courage was felt in every fabric that is created. Yogyakarta batik label that often exhibition abroad this make every type only one material only.