The Types of Pekalongan Batik Fabric

The Types of Pekalongan Batiks Fabric

The Types of Pekalongan Batiks FabricBatiks fabric is so well-known in Indonesia. In Indonesia alone, there are many types of batik like jogja batik, solo batik, cirebon batik, and the most popular and favored by most people is Pekalongan batiks fabric.

Pekalongan batik fabric has a unique type that is preferred by most people. Batik itself is a fabric that has a motive and has philosophical values ​​and historical value. In Indonesia alone almost, every region has a batik style with the characteristic of his motive and also has philosophical values ​​in it. Pekalongan is one of the many areas in Indonesia that have beautiful and beautiful batik types and patterns. In Pekalongan own batik industry has started growing rapidly and now also serve as the main livelihood for the people who are there. In every corner of the city you will see clearly the laundry of batik business, coloring, laundering, some batik shop, and others.

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Pekalongan Batiks Fabric just like other batik – batik with a variety of types that you can choose in accordance with what you like. Pekalongan batik types and patterns also have significant philosophical value. Here are some Pekalongan batik fabric:

  • Jlamprang

Jlamprang types is a Pekalongan batik types that has been influenced by Islam. This is because this batik maker is Arabic and a Muslim. Because in the Islamic religion is not allowed to draw living things, either animals, humans, or plants. So, make Pekalongan batik craftsmen make geometric types. This batik types included in Nitik types.

  • Liong

The Liong types resembles a phoenix bird sometimes also resembles a dragon. Pekalongan batik types is influenced by Chinese culture. If based on Chinese beliefs of phoenix birds, the dragon gives symbols of prosperity, fertility, and also the source of goodness. And hopefully when the batik is made and then sold and used, it will be able to provide a lot of prosperity.

  • Isen

This batik types uses Isen technique or known as dots and in Javanese language referred to as “cecek – cecek”. The points in the types are like dots.

  • Sawat

This unique batik types means throwing. Some of the Javanese believe that the power of the gods can control from the universe. One of the gods who has the strength of lightning is Batara Indra. The possessed weapon is used by throwing and resembling a snake with a sharp fang. Batik with this type is growing rapidly in the market, because the meaning of this types also protects.